Tokyo > than real life

Ok first thing’s first. I love Tokyo! Can I just stay here forever please?

Everyone and everything is nice to you – even traffic lights – who sing to you when it’s time to cross the road. Can I get an AMEN. Everything just works here… something that often isn’t the case when you travel to other parts of the world.

Getting back on track… I ventured to Mt Fuji (Kawaguchi0-ko) in the hope of catching a glimpse of the volcanic beauty from Kawaguchio-ko Lake. Having chosen to embark on this 3hr (round trip) journey on what was predicted to be the clearest day during my stay, I was anticipating some great views.


Even the best made plans can often fail. And boy did mine fail. The closer the Highway Bus got to Mt Fuji the more clouds began to form. An elderly Japanese man that I was seated next to reassured me it would be ok. Well that’s what I assumed he was doing – he just pointed at the clouds, made a wind sound and then smiled. Idk take it how you will but I’m afraid his prediction did not ring true. Dear Mt Fuji was mostly covered by cloud cover. So many feels.

Regardless of the disappointing main show Kawaguchio Lake was quite the   beauty. With a return trip to Kawaguchio-ko station only Y3500 with Highway Buses, it’s worth the trip. Maybe, if you’re lucky you’ll even see Mt Fuji.


Next major stop was the Imperial Palace, located in the heart of Tokyo this free sight is not to be missed. While the palace itself is closed to the public, the real showstopper lies in the palace gardens.

tThe photos speak for themselves on this one – but if you’re looking for an escape from the hustle of Shibuya and Shinjinku this is the place to go. Take some sushi and join the local businesspeople for lunch.


Until next time…



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