Airports are not for the weak

Im not sure what it is, but it’s like as soon as 85% of people step into an airport they lose all brain function.

I used to say that I liked airports, but I think a more valid conclusion is that I like the idea of airports. The reality is much different.

If it’s not shouting, it’s stopping in the middle of a walkway. If it’s not stopping it’s lining up to board 30 mins early and if it’s not lining up its shouting again.

Most of my time spent in Inchon airport tonight has been trying to comprehend the incomprehensible actions of most people around me. It’s great people watching, that’s for sure.

Although maybe it’s just this airport… It’s in a weird X shape. And is in no way convenient to navigate. Or maybe I’m just mad because I couldn’t find any candy. I really wanted some candy. What kind of airport doesn’t have a convenience store or newsagent. Seriously no candy. Only like giant amounts of candy. I’m talking $30+ worth of candy. If you’re going to Inchon airport buy your candy before you leave Seoul. đŸ™ƒ

And in conclusion for this rant of a blog post – one must never forget how truly horrible airports are. The expectation is always so much better than the reality.

Until next time…



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