Gyeongbokgung: Palace of Shining Happiness

If you only have time to visit one palace during your time in Seoul this has to be the one.

As one of the largest attractions in central Seoul and only $3 entry it’s hard to miss. And unlike other sights in Seoul it’s actually easy to find. Take the subway, line number 3 to Gyeongbokgung, exit 2. Sign posts direct you to your destination. For those of you that know Seoul, you’ll know that sign posts are not the norm. It’s one of the few sights take won’t take you 30 minutes to find.

Entering the grounds you’ll be taken back to the Joseon dynasty and greeted with lavish displays of opulence and prosperity.

The large space is comfortable and regardless of the hoards of tourists there’s still space. Take time to explore the palace grounds and even visit the folk museum if it tickles your fancy.

I’ll let the photos speak for themselves, but once again it’s well worth the $3 entry. The space has been impeccably looked after by the South Korean government, giving you a great glimpse into the past.






Until next time…




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