Seoul fish market

If you have the time make sure you check out the Norymgjin fish market. It’s worth the trip.

Located about 20 mins from the city centre this would have to be one of the largest fish markets in the world. While this market doesn’t hold the excitement of Tokyo or Seattle’s live fish auctions, there’s still plenty to see.

Take the dark blue line (line 1) to Norymgjin, exit 2. Upon exiting cross the tracks on the overhead bridge and follow the signs with the fish. Oh and the smell. You won’t miss the smell.


Each stall sells a ridiculous array of fresh seafood, with the owners willing to barter prices for your business.


Even if you’re not in the market to buy this market is worth the trip. The spectacle of the market in itself is with the $1.80 train fare. Oh and don’t worry about what time you go, the market is open pretty much 24hrs. Fish for everyone!

If you’re looking for lunch and dinner there’s numerous restaurants located above the market that have vast menus. You can even purchase your own seafood and take it to the restaurant to be cooked.

If you’re feeling brave (or somewhat peer pressured like I was) then try some fresh, raw octopus. I’m told it’s a Seoul specialty.


First thoughts: it looks a lot worse than it is. It’s really really chewy. And thank goodness for chilli sauce.

I probably wouldn’t make a conscious choice to try it again but if you’re brave, take the chance and give it a go. It could be worse.

Until next time…



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