T-2 days till departure & 3 preflight tips

I fly to Japan in exactly two days, 22 hours and 55 minutes.

After what feels like an eternity in my millennial world, it’s finally time to depart. Like many 20 somethings i often feel conflicted about the ‘need’ to build a career, to work and to be successful and the strong desire to escape the monotony of adult life. srsly though…

This will be my first trip as a full time member of the workforce, gone are my university breaks – where it was entirely acceptable to jet to Europe for 6-8 weeks. Unfortunately being an ‘adult’ means that while I apparently have more capital to play with, I also have about a quarter of the time. Cool, thanks capitalism. Love you work…

So in a world that doesn’t sleep, how can the worker bee best prepare for their escape?

Alas I have three simple solutions to get you prepared – it’s time to end the preflight dash.

  1. Download the packing app. I’m being serious, this wondrous invention allows you to create personalised lists of nearly every item imaginable. You can then check and uncheck as many times as you pack. And if you’re anything like me that’s going to be at least 5 times. This brings me to point two…
  2. Only pack what you know works. We’re all guilty of it, hell I’m probably guilty of it now as i sit trying to avoid eye contact with my overflowing suitcase. We all know are favourite items and outfits. So just pack those. You’re not going to work… I promise no one will notice if you wear the same dress in one week
  3. Write down your to-dos as you think of them. Whether it’s on your phone or a scrap of paper, writing down every little thing you need to do may alleviate the pressure to remember when it your taxi is beeping out the front and you can’t remember if you paid your gas bill. Lists are your new best friend.

So here I am. Ready to escape for 14 full days of adventure, discovery and peace.

I look forward to sharing my journey, mishaps and everything in between with you. It’s time to explore some more of the world.